FAQs about Reiki

How long does a Reiki treatment typically last?

It lasts between 60 and 75 minutes.

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Some feel a profound feeling of relaxation; others fall asleep; still others experience a restful warmth during the Reiki treatment, and there are those who are not aware of having an experience, but who still experience the healing benefits of Reiki.

How can I get a Reiki treatment?

Contact Kathleen to book a Reiki treatment at her centre in Christ Church. If the intended patient is unable to travel, we may be able to arrange to come to you but will have to charge for travel costs.

How much does a Reiki treatment cost?

Our charge for a Reiki treatment is $120 for 60-75 minutes.

How can I learn Reiki in Barbados?

Check out our Reiki class schedule and contact us to book your spot.

What is your policy on allowing students to review a Reiki class?

Students who have previously studied Reiki with us may review free of charge (though contributions are always welcome). However, if you need a new manual, there will be a cost for that. Students who have studied with another teacher may attend the class for half price.

What is the current cost of Reiki courses?

The Level 1 course is $300. The Level 2 course is $1,000. A 50% deposit advance deposit is required to secure your spot. All outstanding monies must be paid on the first day of class. See what’s covered in our Reiki courses.

I don’t live in Barbados. How can I learn Reiki from Touch of Light?

We are willing to travel within the Caribbean to teach a course for 5 or more people. However, in addition to the regular course fee, our travel and accommodation costs must be covered.